Top 10 Best Android Phone Chargers to Buy in 2018

No matter what form of Android Phone Chargers you employ, no one needs their device to charge slowly. That’s very true with makers supporting standards like Qual comm’s Quick Charge. Therefore it’s necessary to search out the correct accessories for your device.

1. Best Android Charger

Best Android Charger

Most modern phones just like the Samsung Galaxy Note eight and also the LG V30 support Qual comm’s Quick Charge three.0 standard, that permits you to charge your device a lot of faster than traditional. Once obtaining a numbered brick for your devices, you’ll wish to create confidence you get one that’s Quick Android Charge three.0 enabled if your phone supports it.

2. Best Wireless Charger

Best Wireless Charger

Out of all the wireless charging pucks and stands, we have a tendency to tested here at Phandroid, we’ve chosen the fresh free RAVPower Wireless Charging Puck because the best supported a mix of things. It’s Qi-compatible; thus it’ll charge the newest devices just like the latest Samsung Galaxy series and also the iPhone 8/iPhone X.

3. Best Car Charger

Best Car Charger

Getting some juice whereas you’re on the go are often the most effective thanks to filling up your phone, mainly if you’ve got a protracted commute on a daily basis. We tend to suggest this Aukey 2-Port Qualcomm Quick Charge three. Best car charger as a result of you’ll commove to 2 devices from one outlet thus your rider oughtn’t to be ignored within the cold with an occasional battery.

4. Best Power Bank

Best Power Bank

Since phones have just about stopped power back with removable batteries, ensuring most suitable choice you’ve got for obtaining some additional juice on the go may be a power bank. many firms create reliable power banks with totally different storage choices, however, we’re troubled to not suggest the largest bank you’ll get.

5. Best Solar Charger

 Best Solar Charger

Camping within the nice outdoors is wonderful, however, it’s not thus nice once you’re on a five-day inhabitancy trip and you can’t charge your phone. you’ll solve that downside with RAVPower’s waterproof star charger, that is one in every of the foremost compact star chargers obtainable. It folds up nice and straightforward for carrying and options 3 panels to gather daylight.

6. Best Charging Cables

Best Charging Cables


Having an elaborate power bank or automobile charger doesn’t mean a lot of if you’re perpetually trying to find the only cable that comes together with your device. fortuitously there’s a couple of reliable third-party USB-C makers that we have a tendency to trust enough to suggest their merchandise. Anker offers a 2-Pack of its PowerLine adorned USB-A to USB-C cables, that is a good replacement if one thing happened to your original cable otherwise you would like many extras giving birth around the house.

7. Power Wave Pad

Power Wave Pad


The Anker Power Wave Pad will output up to 10 W for quick wireless charging of phones just like the Samsung Galaxy S 9, however, it may also charge the iPhone X at seven. 5 W, thus you ought to get prime speed out of this pad notwithstanding your phone.

8. Best Android Wireless Charger

Best Android Wireless Charger


One issue that may cause concern with wireless and android phone charging is that the build-up of warmth, however this wireless charging stand from Tronsmart incorporates an intrinsical fan to stay that temperature down and also the charging speed up.

9. RavPower Wireless Fast Charging Pad

 RavPowerWireless Fast Charging Pad


RavPower’s Wireless quick Charging Pad could be a Qi-compatible charger that works with automation devices, good watches, and Apple’s latest i Phones (the iPhone eight, iPhone eight and, and iPhone X), and may output up to 10 W of power.

10. Best iPhone Charge

Best iPhone Charge

For the best in iPhone charging, Capable of working with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, the ElleSye’s three built-in coils provide a larger sensor area and more natural alignment on the standing pad than other Android phone chargers.

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