7 Steps of Learning Speaking English That You Should Consider

Learning Speaking English Is Very Easy But You Have To Practice Every day

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There are a number of reasons to learn English because it is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Around the world, when the community comes with different languages they usually use English to communicate.

Moreover, knowing English makes you bilingual and more utilizable in every country in the world. English is extensively used in official communications. Nowadays most of the offices use English for office work.

English holds a great medium of instruction in Education. A large number of books are written in the English language. If any students want to go abroad for higher education will have to learn speaking English.

English is most widely secured language when people from different countries get together for a conference. For this reason, it is so necessary to be capable of speaking in English which will not only give you an advantage in work but also effect on your lifestyle too.​

Our friends from Learn English Let’s talk have a detailed video on the Steps of Learning Speaking English, before reading our own guideline, just have a look what they got to say:​​

​Learning speaking English is a great need nowadays. Moreover, management jobs individuals also require fluency in English.No one gets expected job because it is one of the requirements of companies to have mastered the English language of both Speaking, reading and writing.

Consideration of Seven Learning Speaking English Rules That You Should Know

1. Motivation

In each and every sector whether it is in work, sports, studying or visiting, there must always be motivation. Motivation takes an individual ahead.

So, it is also applicable to the section of learning to speak English.​ It will keep a person to learn to speak English.

​2. Books

At the same time of motivation, you should get books of English grammar, English language, and literature. They instruct you about the verbs, nouns, pronouns and so on which help you not only speaking but also understanding English grammar.​

Thus, books can serve you as a lead for learning to speak English in a better way.

3. Observe it rather than Studying Grammar

Observing is the best way to improve English. Firstly, we should know about the grammar which is a set of rules on how to frame sentences, how to place words and supporting words etc.

But they make strange to many ESL students. Grammar needs if you want to pass the examination.​ But if you want to learn speaking English fluently, then you should avoid studying grammar.

By grammar, it needs to think before speaking out a sentence. Remember, you should not think but speak. Learning grammar makes you slow and confuse you.​

You will not be a native speaker if you think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying.​

Learning Speaking English

4. Learn and Practice Phrases, not Individual Words

For building vocabulary, you can learn individual words which are a good exercise. But does it put any effect on improving your English-speaking skills? Studying individual words is freckles. At the same time learning the phrase and connotation helps you in a recognizing group of words

Many people learn vocabulary and try to put many words together to create a proper sentence but they can’t do it. This is only for not to study phrases.

So, you need to study and learn phrases. If you have a knowledge of 1500 words, you might not be capable of saying a single correct sentence.

On the other hand, if you have one phrase, you can develop hundreds of correct sentences. You will be astonished if you get 100 phrases.​

Finally, you will be close to a fluent English speaker if you know 1,000 phrases. Thus and thus, it will not be fruitful spending hours and hours learning many different words rather than learning phrases to learn to speak English.​

5. Stop Being a Student

The positive attitude can make a difference between failure and success. Set up your mind that you are not who is learning English. Just think of yourself as someone who speaks English.​

The change is small but helps you to feel more confident to use the English you already know more effectively.​

6. Take Correct Materials

You know “Practice makes perfect” if you are practicing hard. So, if you practice wrong sentences, then you will also be a perfect one saying the sentence incorrectly.​

​Make it confirm that most people commonly use your study materials and that is correct. Remember, do right in the right way which helps you to learn speaking English.

7. Listening

It is one of the best ways to learn speaking English by listening. You should spend hours and hours listening to people speaking English. It makes you interested.

It is going to mean hard for you if you don’t enjoy something. Listening is a part not only improve speaking English but also improve the English language.​

Do you know how a baby can learn to talk? Babies begin listening to their parents. Gradually babies acquire such language over some time and later on they produce words or something.​ Anyway, their production may be immature at first but successful at the end.

​Some Listening Tips

  • English Movies
  • News
  • From movies subtitles
  • Watching cartoons
  • Radio programs
  • iPod or another portable

Final Work

Instead of these, you should take part at debate club.Make friends with native English Speakers with whom you can share what you have learned.

At the same time, you can also exchange your ideas with him. You can also join a book club where you can communicate in English. Read out magazines or newspaper loudly.​

You can also use technology such as smartphone, TV, I-pod and so on. For example- there are different kinds of “Apps” in Android cell phones that help you to improve your speaking skills.​

Feedback or question? Feel free to let me know leaving comment below!​

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