Instagram Announces 500 Million Users

Great News!

Instagram announces 500 million users. This is one of its biggest activities. Already, we know that Instagram is well known social networks in the world. This put Instagram at position 2 and extend the gap between Instagram and Twitter.

Both of this social media user growing very fast than last year. Sooner, Instagram will probably be the next social network to reach 1 billion users. Now,Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube are over 1Billon Users.

It was really surprised when Facebook bought Instagram for 1 Billion because it’s just a pictures platform. Instagram proven now more than a value that it have.

Recently LinkedIn being acquired by Microsoft ($26.2B) and now we have only one individual platform that is Twitter. The more Business increasing the more presence on Instagram.

Now, Instagram ready to grow its ad revenue business, which is being estimated to reach 2.85 Billion by Emarketer.

Joinal Abden

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